Earn an MCAD for more jobs in computer software development

If you are looking at jobs in software development and have around two years of work experience in computer programming, why not consider earning an MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) certificate? You're exactly the kind of candidate this certification is meant for, and it will help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers.

What Is Microsoft's Certified Application Developer Certification?

The MCAD credential was designed for candidates who wants to show they are capable of building, deploying and maintaining Microsoft Windows and Web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1.

This certification is geared towards people who have a few years' experience in jobs like computer programming, software engineering or applications development. The ideal candidate has already worked on developing, testing and implementing any or all of the following, using Microsoft tools and technologies:
  • web clients
  • desk top clients
  • database services
  • network services
  • department-level applications and/or components

How Do You Earn An MCAD?

There are a variety of schools and online degree programs available to train you to earn MCAD status. To earn MCAD certification, you need to pass a total of three exams:
  • Two Core Exams

  • One of these core exams is compulsory and covers Web Services and Server Components. For the other core exam you can choose between Windows Application Development or Web Application Development.
  • One Elective Exam

  • The choice of elective exams covers a wide range of different Microsoft server products. Choose one that focuses on your particular specialization and shows off your skills to best advantage.

Where Will The MCAD Lead You?

MCAD status means that your software development skills will be recognized by the industry, which should increase your job and salary opportunities. According to Certification magazine's 2005 salary survey, MCADs can expect to earn as much as $73,000 annually.

In addition, by qualifying as an MCAD you will automatically gain Microsoft's Certified Professional status. This is the first step along the path away from pure computer programming and towards a career in the growing field of software development.

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