Why animation and graphics training pays off

Computer animation training not only provides you with a certificate or a degree, but it offers software skills that are used in the industry. Many computer graphic jobs require some working knowledge of Web animation as well. These kinds of jobs can be found at animation studios, multimedia companies, design firms, and in the creative departments of many types of businesses.

Master Graphics Industry Skills

Animation training can be taught by industry veterans. Many are still at work in animation and may have worked on an animated TV series or major animation features. Others hold computer graphic jobs and help create special effects for TV or film. More still are independent consultants, offering animation or graphic work to any number of organizations.

Animation School Partnerships

More and more animation and design schools are partnering with software manufacturers, giving students an inside career track. Schools generally enter into a partnership of a set number of years, under which the animation or graphics software company provides licensed software to the school. In turn, the school trains its students on the software. Internships can be a great benefit of these kinds of partnerships.

Many of these animation and graphics software firms are going 3D, as well, which is a great resume builder for students. Most computer animation jobs will require 3D work these days, making it a useful career skill.

With an artistic flair and animation training, you could be on your way to a great career.

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