Google to join Quickbooks for better small business tools

Computer jobs at small and home-based businesses often rely on Intuit's Quickbooks for their accounting needs. Now, with the help of the world's leading search engine, it will help with marketing and advertising too.

Google, Meet Quickbooks

As software industry giant Microsoft struggles to match the new efforts of its growing competitor Google, it appears it has lost another round. Google has partnered with Quickbooks, the most popular accounting software for small businesses, to launch a new and improved 2007 version this fall.

The partnership involves a marketing strategy for small businesses. In exchange for bundling the new Quickbooks software with Google Desktop Search, Quickbooks now offers Google's marketing tools. Small business owners who buy Quickbooks can have their business placed on Google Maps, receive a Google adWords campaign, and have their products features on Google Base, Google's free product listing service.

New Training Needed

This joint effort means a lot to computer employees in small businesses. Many computer jobs call for Quickbooks, and with the software now offering cross-functional applications, training on the new version will be important. Home-based jobs and businesses will also benefit from this partnership.

The #1 Accounting Software for Computer Jobs

Quickbooks is available for PC and Mac, and now as an online module. Hundreds of thousands of computer jobs involve the use of Quickbooks for business accounting, including work-from-home computer jobs. Training in Quickbooks is excellent for the computer job resume and a great experience-builder for accounting or bookkeeping positions at small businesses.

For computer job training on Quickbooks, check out your local computer training schools, or find them online. The accounting software will soon be more popular than ever, so don't wait too long.

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