Ethical hacking? How IT security training combats crime

Cyber crime is on the rise, from e-mail "phishing" scams to outright identity theft. The need for IT security professionals with advanced technical training has never been higher. Fortunately, some impressive software tools are available to IT security pros looking to guard against these cyber criminals' relentless attacks.

Leading Network Security Tools Shut Down Hackers

Today's IT security training must be on the cutting edge to keep pace with cyber criminals who are constantly updating their technologies and attack strategies. Here are some of the latest tools cyber coders use to catch and prosecute computer thieves.
  • Nessus. This network vulnerability scanner can be found in over 75,000 organizations around the world. Its advanced security database is updated on a daily basis with easy to read plugins for maximum control.
  • Wireshark. This open source network sniffer and protocol analyzer allows you to examine hundreds of protocols either on or offline, and it can be run on multiple platforms.
  • Snort. This popular, "lightweight" network intrusion detection and prevention system applies adaptable language which helps facilitate thorough inspection, using signature, protocol, and anomaly focused approaches.

Computer CSI - Beat Cyber Crime

The right IT security training will give you the skills you need to both think like and beat the criminals. If you get a kick out of the CSI crime dramas soaring on prime-time TV, get ready for some fascinating classes in the following areas, to name a few:
  • Counter Hacking
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Hacking
  • Intrusion Detection (IDS)
  • Computer Forensics

Get the Right IT Security Training

If you're interested in careers in criminal justice and computer technologies, technical training in IT security can offer the best of both worlds. All you need to make it happen is the right training. There are a plethora of colleges and technical schools offering the IT security classes and you need to break into this high-tech field, many of which include night and evening classes. Even better, many pros learn their trade through online IT security programs.

Whichever you choose, IT security training can help you pave the way towards a future with advanced technical education and maximum opportunity for growth.

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