Database management: Beyond coding

For those of you who thought the database management field is simply numbers and networks, you're in for a surprise. Many IT pros specialize in database management that also involves client interaction and other specialties, and they love it.

Database Management: Experts in Action

Don't mistake all database management professionals for number crunchers in stuffy shirts. They're different from technology researchers in a variety of ways. The database management pros from IBM are just such examples. These experts handle a variety of problem-specific processes that don't always fit into the traditional mold.
  • Bruce Lindsay. This database search engine pro is an IBM Fellow and develops transaction management, storage management, and locking.
  • Pat Selinger. Selinger is an expert in query optimization technology for data management solutions and specializes in learning systems.
  • Don Haderle. Haderle, another IBM Fellow and vice president of database technology at the Silicon Valley Lab, relishes the customer contact that comes with his role.

Why Database Management Is Different

The database management industry is one of those IT careers that require a combination of professional knowledge and personal ability for successful candidates.
  • Technology. Industry changes consistently challenge its professionals.
  • Problem-solving. Technical solutions must fit real-world applications.
  • Interaction. There's much more client interaction than most believe.
Becoming a database management professional will amaze you as you take on a variety of working experiences. Take it from the professionals; they know what they're talking about!

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