Computer training hubs drive hiring trends

Anyone waiting on hold for a technical support representative can echo the findings of recent technology surveys: American companies cannot seem to hire enough professionals with computer certifications. Sophisticated computers, phones, and even televisions require increased attention from technical school graduates. Despite the best efforts of computer training programs, experienced professionals are retiring faster than new graduates can replace them.

As a result, technical schools, employers, and government agencies in many parts of the country actively seek potential technical school students who can help keep employers in their regions. By recruiting leaders from other industries as well as high school students, computer training programs aim to reduce employers' reliance on hiring overseas workers and maintaining offshore technical support programs.

Computer Certifications for Beginners

  • CompTIA A+
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate

Many employers express the desire to hire technical school graduates with one or more basic computer certifications. Using these core foundations of computer training, employers often grow and extend learning using a combination of in-house professional development and classroom-based instruction. Best of all, qualified technical school enrollees can often find resources to offset the cost of their initial computer training.

Sources for Computer Training Financial Aid

  • Employer Professional Development Programs
  • Regional Job Incentive Scholarships
  • Federal Financial Aid Programs

As employers identify more cities with large populations of skilled, reliable professionals who hold computer certifications, business analysts expect to see major shifts in some communities. Cities and states that invest in technical schools can find themselves rewarded with higher-paying employers taking over disused factories and mills. Computer training program graduates can translate sales and managerial skills from other careers to new jobs as technicians. And consumers across the country can enjoy shorter waits for technical assistance.

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