Learn C++ for computer programming jobs in "serious" games

Computer and video games are catching on as mediums for teaching people a variety of skills, from serving ice cream to building a computer network. Want to program them? C++ is the main programming language used, so make sure you're an expert in it if you are looking for jobs in this field.

If you already have experience with the C++ computer programming language, or want to work with it in the future, the growing "serious" games industry might be perfect for you

More C++ Computer Programming Jobs Than Ever Before

Serious games - as the name implies - are non-entertainment games used for educational and training purposes. Also known as "simulation" games, the military has been using them for over ten years. Now they are a fun, effective way to train medical and corporate personnel, among others.

With the serious games market forecast to double in size over the next five years--to a value of $100 million--the outlook for C++ computer programming jobs is good.

Training for Serious Computer Games

Just as for programming jobs for ordinary video games, serious games programming jobs normally require you to be expert in C++. If you don't already know this programming language, a number of options are open to you:
  • Enroll in a short course at a local school or college to learn the C++ basics
  • Go back to school and earn a specialized degree in game and simulation programming
With the serious games industry growing at a dramatic rate, prepare yourself for one of the new programming jobs by learning C++ now.

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