Microsoft Training Spotlight: Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint computer program in its Office Suite in 1990. Since that time, PowerPoint has become the standard for slide presentation programs in businesses and educational organizations worldwide. The program saves presenters invaluable time that would have been used to create slides by hand. With the addition of graphics, animations, and music, PowerPoint gives the presenter a collection of features that make teaching and learning fun.

PowerPoint Capabilities

  • Slide Templates. PowerPoint has a collection of pre-made slide templates that allow you to enter in the information you wish to convey. The information is ordered in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement almost automatically.
  • Outlines. A side bar outlining feature allows your audience to follow along with your presentation and get the full effect of your intended message. Outlines can also be printed out for distribution to your group.
  • Animations. Both slide transitions and animated graphics are a snap. Simply paste animations directly on the slide to accompany your written remarks and give your audience an added visual element to your instruction.

Now that you know a little bit more about the Microsoft PowerPoint program, you'll no doubt want to get computer training on this exciting tool. Here are some of the sources that you can turn for focused training. In many cases, your employer will foot the bill if it increases your value to the company.

Computer Training Sources

  • Colleges/Universities. May institutions of higher learning offer PowerPoint computer training as a part of their technical degree programs.
  • Business Schools. Business and technical schools offer one week programs in PowerPoint that boil down the study to salient points.
  • Online Training. What could be simpler? There are a variety of online computer training programs that allow you to learn PowerPoint both at night and over the weekend.

If you want to add punch to your presentations and engage your audience, computer training on the PowerPoint software program is an investment in your professional career.


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