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Times change, especially where technology is involved. Computer security skills aren't limited to specialist jobs anymore - almost all IT staff these days need to know how to keep systems safe from criminal activity. Cisco's new security certification addresses this issue by helping you learn the basics about keeping networks secure.Computer Security Skills Still In Demand.

The security of their IT systems has long been a high priority for most businesses. In the past, the solution was hiring specialized personnel to implement and maintain security systems. Today, companies realize that almost all jobs demand some level of knowledge about potential dangers and possible safeguards. For maximum protection, all employees need a dash of security know-how.

This change in attitude has given the edge to job applicants who can demonstrate that they have training - and ideally certification - in computer security, especially for those who are looking for network jobs. If you are in this position, you can do both at a stroke by learning Cisco's new security certification.

Why Cisco?

If you want to land a networking job now or in the future, it makes sense to get acquainted with Cisco's systems; Cisco is still the world's largest manufacturer of computer-networking equipment, so you are bound to come across them at some point in your career. Their new security certification designed for those seeking entry-level jobs. Students learn computer network security basics.

How To Become A Cisco Information Security Specialist

  • First, earn CCNA certification. This involves passing a single exam that tests your knowledge of installing, configuring and operating LAN, WAN and dial access services for small networks.
  • Second, pass the "Securing Cisco Network Devices" (SND) exam, which tests you on Cisco's basic methods for securing networks.
Attaining CISS status also guarantees to future employers that your skills meet the National Security Agency's CNSS 4011 training standard - a bonus when it comes to getting on the shortlist for those computer networking jobs!

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