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Electronics systems for the home are in very high demand, requiring the expertise of CompTIA HTI+ trained and certificated pros. Some of these home electronics are structural, such as watering and heating systems. Others are safety oriented, such as security systems. Still others are productivity enhancing, such as wireless computer networks and central vacuum. Yet more are entertainment based, such as video games, cable television, and surround sound systems. These technologies have advanced to the point where most consumers are not able to evaluate the existing systems and install new ones effectively.

What is CompTIA HTI+ Certification?

CompTIA HTI+ training and certification focuses on those trade workers who specialize in recommending, installing, and maintaining home electronics. The CompTIA HTI+ training and certification is a valued credential among consumers, workers, and employers. It gives you a credential to validate the level of your abilities which provides assurance to consumers and employers.

What's Covered by CompTIA HTI+ Training and Certification?

CompTIA HTI+ training and certification is divided into 2 exams. Here is an overview of what to expect on each:

  • The basics of home computer networking
  • Introductory audio/video principles and applications
  • Primary home security and home surveillance principles, installation practices, and determining factors
  • Understanding basic telecommunications standards and requirements
  • Lighting basics
  • HVAC evaluation and management
  • Handling waters systems
  • Home access and other miscellaneous home automations
  • Low voltage structured wiring using twisted pairs, coaxial cable, shielded cable, and fiber cable
  • High voltage wiring, focusing on 120/240 volt
  • System integration including implementing and assisting with user interfaces and managing control processors
CompTIA recommends that you have a minimum of one year experience in home electronics or complete the CompTIA HTI+ training before testing for certification.

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