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Thanks to high speed data access and advanced computer networking protocols, virtualized desktops operate seamlessly on client machines in offices and in the field. As a leading virtualization vendor, Citrix has created a new class of tech jobs for specialists who sell or maintain its products. With streamlined computer training for sales partners and three key certifications for computer networking professionals, Citrix aims to increase adoption of its products across the enterprise market.

Types of Citrix Certifications
  • Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)
  • Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA)
  • Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA)
  • Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA)
Preparing for Citrix certifications requires as little as two weeks of specialized computer training. Citrix Solution Advisors often enjoy free training through their employers' partnerships with the company. Integration Architects enjoy a variety of tech jobs, working as freelance consultants or in-house computer networking experts. Sales professionals with current computer training and Citrix certifications often work as advisors to large companies and to data centers with virtualization offerings.

Advanced Computer Training for Virtual Server Administrators
Training for advanced Citrix certifications, such as the CCA or CCEA, requires a longer period of study and a familiarity with industry standard computer networking practices. Since Citrix virtualizes other software and operating systems, like Windows and Linux, many technical schools and computer training centers now offer the option to add Citrix administration to their roster of available learning modules. By including Citrix in course offerings, training centers can help prepare students for tech jobs that rely on virtualized software to increase security while minimizing downtime.

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