Citrix certification: Prepare for virtualization trend

Broadband Internet access has become so fast and so commonplace that virtualization servers can now serve business users in real-time. In high-security environments like banks, hospitals, and government agencies, computer networking managers now deploy Citrix servers and presentation managers to streamline their technology strategies.

Computer Networking Pros Use Citrix
Enterprise information technology departments love using computer networking products like Citrix for a few key reasons:
  • Citrix-served desktops can be maintained and upgraded automatically
  • A Citrix "ship in a bottle" can isolate a virus or security threat
  • Important data remains on central Citrix servers, where it cannot be lost or stolen
Since Citrix systems easily and securely serve up fully functioning Windows desktops to end users, large companies can reduce their spending on upgraded desktop and laptop computers. With support for Mac clients, Citrix also offers computer networking managers the opportunity to cater to team members who prefer Apple hardware to products from Dell, HP, or Gateway.

Certifications Secure Citrix Market Share
Citrix has also grown in popularity among enterprise information technology clients due to rigorous certifications that align with the life cycles of a new Citrix server:
  • Citrix Certified Information Architects develop the master plan for a new installation
  • Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrators test and deploy new computer networking systems
  • Citrix Certified Administrators handle routine tasks and user support after the launch
As more companies switch to central servers connected by Citrix client software, information technology analysts expect Citrix certification to become an even stronger indicator of hot prospects in the hiring office. Technical schools that offer Citrix certification courses as part of their computer networking programs prepare students for the next big trend in enterprise computing.

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