Cisco's VoIP certification: The front line of the communications revolution

Every day, more companies turn to VoIP communications to supplement or replace traditional phone lines. These organizations are fueling the demand for personnel with the skills to install and maintain these systems. If you want to take advantage of information technology's next boom industry, start your training by earning Cisco's new CCVP certification.

What Is VoIP Communication?

VoIP (or "Voice over Internet Protocol) is a kind of communication technology that transmits phone calls over the Internet (or via a corporation's own private Internet Protocol network). The main advantage of using VoIP is the opportunity it offers to reduce costs, since users can make calls over the Internet connection they're already paying for, eliminating the need to pay for phone lines.

VoIP has already been around for a decade but has only really begun to take off during the last few years. Now that it has started, however, it is growing at a phenomenal rate. Recent research indicates that by the end of 2007 it will be used by 47% of North American call centers, compared to only 17% in 2005.

Demand is now higher than ever for staff with the necessary skills and training to handle these networks, and it is this shortage of trained personnel that Cisco wants to address with its CCVP (Cisco Certified Voice Professional) certification.

The CCVP: Information Technology's Next Wave

To be eligible for the CCVP, you must first earn Cisco's Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certification. Then you must prove, over the course of five computer-based exams (lasting between 75 and 90 minutes), that you know how to implement, configure, operate and troubleshoot a converged IP network.

You can prepare yourself for these exams with work experience, or using books, CDs, Internet-based tutorials or a short course at a school or college.

There is a growing demand for IT professionals with the skills to integrate voice technology into existing networks. Given that the use of Cisco components is incredibly widespread, the CCVP is the ideal qualification to put you on the short list when it comes to applying for VoIP jobs.

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