Cisco's video technology changes IT training forever

Information technology training like Cisco training is essential to jobs in IT for the skill and salary potential it provides. New developments like video will impact the information technology training industry, changing how students go about mastering their new craft! Here's how:

Video is the Thing

In addition to recently purchasing a digital signage company to focus on branding strategies, Cisco also introduced the "Cisco Digital Media System" in September of 2006. This system will allow business to create content, manage schedules, and publish them on desktop computers using the Cisco Video Portal.

This Video Portal also brings implications to Cisco's information technology training. Video-on-demand is a new frontier in Internet technology, and many information technology industry leaders are getting on board and including it in their product offerings.

Developments at Cisco and Beyond

If Cisco expands its Video Portal to include information technology training, trainees will have new access to information technology training classes, tutorials, and other resources. This development could also mean an eventual improvement in the offerings of third party vendors as well.

Third party vendors who offer information technology training, like Cisco certification, have always stayed on top of industry updates. The latest classes and certifications do not take long to reach these vendors, providing more flexible and affordable alternatives in training.

The Benefits of Certification

Certification is essential to jobs in information technology. Increased job skills, job opportunities, and earning potential are often the result of successful certification. As Cisco and other companies improve their training, it is safe to say that third party training vendors will too. Information technology is a fast changing field, and IT professionals who keep up with the times will reap the benefits throughout their careers.

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