Cisco update: New developments & releases from the networking giant

Cisco continues to provide enterprises with the tools they need to create and manage today's data, voice and video network solutions. Hardware and software platforms for businesses and comprehensive IT training and Cisco certification packages for IT personnel are zooming into the future with the rest of the technological world, and Cisco continues to evolve its products and services to match the market. Here's some news on recent and forthcoming releases from Cisco.

Cisco Partner Program changes

Partnering with Cisco can be an advantage to any business in the information economy. With the company's new focus on architectures and data center solutions, three new specializations are being added to the partner program curriculum. These three new domains--Advanced Collaboration, Advanced Borderless Networks, and Advanced Data Center--will replace a batch of Advanced Technology specializations and help ensure that certified partners can make the most out of Cisco's upcoming solutions.

Cisco will accept applications in August 2011 and afterward for the new roles in its partner program, and the new architectural specializations will become required for top-tier partners by August 2012. Ricardo Moreno, senior strategy, planning and programs director for Cisco, expects that partners will be able to achieve the Gold level of partnership for up to $50,000 less on average than under the previous system.

Cisco Quad enhanced, released as hosted service

Social networking-style enterprise deployments are making their way around the solutions industry, and Cisco Quad is one of the leaders. Now, Cisco offers an option for clients who would rather not spend the resources necessary to deploy and manage a social-esque solution themselves. Businesses can partner with the solution vendor to help get the most out of these cutting-edge services.

What's more, Cisco announced the upcoming release of Quad 2.5, which contains a host of new customization elements and collaboration features designed to accelerate the adoption curve.

Cisco Cius, an enterprise-oriented tablet

The Cisco Cius has similar basic features to most other tablets on the market--720p HD video, full 802.11 Wi-Fi spectrum, 4G data, Bluetooth, and so on--but it's designed with enterprise integration in mind. The applications environment of the Cius, called AppHQ, focuses on the efficient creation, deployment and management of apps within an enterprise network and will feature a Cisco-hosted private application store for Cius-using enterprises only.

With the complexities of voice and video data transmissions on virtual networks, companies can feel secure in using a dedicated enterprise tablet supported by the same vendor whose virtualization and enterprise solutions comprise their data backbone.

Cisco provides press releases and detailed information on these and other innovations through its corporate newsroom, entitled The Network: Cisco's Technology News Site, and throughout its space on the Web. Stay plugged in to keep a finger on the pulse of the enterprise solutions market.

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