New Cisco status for information technology professionals

As the demands for mobility and versatility increase in the field of communications, a new certification from Cisco has emerged. Information technology professionals now have the option to pursue a Master Unified Communication specialization, which will hone their knowledge base and make them more competitive.

Becoming a Master

The most recent update to the family of Cisco certifications will likely provide greater career and salary opportunities for many job holders in information technology.

The newest master specialization, called "Master Unified Communications," represents the "highest level of Cisco channel partner specialization and depth of expertise," according to a Cisco press release. This certification focuses on high-level concepts, including:
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Revenue growth
  • Economic incentives
The certification was developed for more sophisticated clients, whose customer needs are more intricate or complex.

Working with Channels

Jobs that work with Cisco channels can be found at almost any communication technology firm. Today's corporate society is increasingly mobile, focusing on value additions like video, wireless networking, and instant communication. This master's certification from Cisco will serve any information technology professional well in the search for competitive salaries and good career prospects.

Even Better for the IT Career

In a survey of information technology employers conducted by Cisco this year, the networking industry leaders found that "the majority of surveyed employers said they offer their employees other incentives -- such as recognition and salary increases" for Cisco certification.

Earning a master certification from Cisco requires the completion of several other certifications in advance, but it will prove worthwhile for professionals seeking better jobs in information technology.

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