Cisco certification among top 4 information technology training programs

There are hundreds of information technology training programs available in the industry, and choosing the right ones can be a challenge. Cisco certified IT professionals can sleep a bit bitter tonight - their certifications have officially been deemed well-respected and up-to-date.

Cisco Training in Top 4

A recent ranking by Certification Magazine (www.certmag.com, 2012) says Cisco certification is one of the most valuable information technology training options in the industry. Out of over 850 information technology certifications and 200 providers, Cisco certification ranked among the top 4. Certification from Microsoft, CWNP, and CompTIA joined Cisco at the top.

Certification Magazine is one of the information technology industry's biggest authorities on IT training. It follows the industry's technology and news updates, and has become a go-to source for information technology professionals on issues like certification.

"Best Hands-On" Training

Certification Magazine (www.certmag.com, 2003) also awarded Cisco certification the distinction of "Best Hands-On Programs." These three Cisco certifications were the top 3 information technology training programs in this category:

  • Certified Professional Information Technology Consultant (CPITC)
  • Career Certifications (Associate, Professional and Specialist)
  • Certified Internet-work Expert (CCIE)

Timeliness and Credibility with Cisco Certifications

The report also stated that Cisco training had some of the "Toughest Recertification Requirements" among information technology training programs. All of Cisco's certifications are "time-stamped," and certification holders must become recertified within 2-3 years. It is Cisco's way of giving timeliness and credibility to its training programs.

Cisco certification can lead to better jobs and salaries. Employers can also know that Cisco certification holders possess up-to-date expertise in a specific area within information technology.

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