Cisco training helps connect networking pros worldwide

No matter where one is in the world, people there are talking tech. As the global community gets smaller and smaller, opportunities for IT professionals with Cisco network training are on the rise.

Cisco training spans borders

According to vendor information, Cisco products and certifications set the worldwide standard when it comes to security and networking. People, processes and objectives for both private and public groups rely on these benchmarks for communication on all levels--from within the organization to around the globe.

Simply put, Cisco certifications are the same in every language and the expertise gained through Cisco training stretches beyond borders. International Cisco training can prepare an IT professional to work on this global front.

Those seeking international Cisco training are likely to find many opportunities. According to a report from Business Wire, Learning Tree International has recently partnered with Cisco to offer global training and product certification, both online and at its learning center locations, so international Cisco training will likely be within reach at all times.

Cisco training offers skills for success

There are five levels of Cisco training available to IT pros around the world: Entry, associate, professional, expert and architect. Cisco training is relevant to a variety of IT career paths and specialization endorsements are available in areas including routing and switching, network security, wireless networking, service provider services and more. With so many different options, Cisco training can be customized to fit a particular organization or role.

Those seeking international Cisco training will find that this flexibility can help them achieve success no matter where they are in the world. According to information from ComputerWorld magazine, the IT field is expected to see expansion in both revenue and employment numbers in Brazil, China and India. Other countries are also jumping on the Cisco training bandwagon

Scotland relies on Cisco training to boost economy

In an effort to boost economic recovery in Scotland, the city of Edinburgh is providing IT training to unemployed workers. The technology they chose for the training? Cisco. There is a high demand for technical skills in Edinburgh, and Cisco has partnered with local IT training providers to create a training program to meet jobseeker and local business needs.

IT takes off in Canada

Cisco has partnered with training providers in Canada to create solutions for human resources training needs. Companies in Canada can now use Cisco technology to create digital training programs, digital signage, message delivery, and much more within their information technology businesses. A recent search of listings on Dice.com, a job-search site from IT pros, showed more than 500 openings in Canada for pros with Cisco training.

Cisco provides needed training in Nigeria

Cisco and local information technology partners in Nigeria are creating a training program for Nigerians in banking, oil, telecommunications and other industries that would benefit from information technology training. Cisco's training will update trainees on Internet networking, information security, and important IT legislation updates (like Sarbanes-Oxley and the European Union Data Privacy Act).

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