Cisco certifications key to small business expansion

While executives at Cisco systems enjoy their perch as a market leader in enterprise computer networking, recent reports hint at plans to make major expansions into the small and medium business sector over the coming years. The shift opens new possibilities for small businesses who invest in Cisco certification and training programs to grow their own companies.

Cisco Certification May Boost Small Businesses
Cisco's acquisition of Linksys helped it gain access to millions of home office users, who frequently make technology purchases from discount retailers. As those customers grow their own businesses, they often seek help with transitional issues, such as network security and broadband installation. Research indicates that many SMB customers prefer to work closely with computer networking consultants who are small businesses themselves.

To extend its reach into the SMB market, Cisco plans to:
  • Write more approachable marketing and support documents
  • Launch a Select Certification program for SMB partners
  • Align the low-cost Linksys line with the core Cisco brand
By helping Cisco certified partners win business away from big box stores, Cisco hopes it can build relationships with small businesses that will eventually become big businesses. At the same time, the new partnerships and certifications available to technology consultants and other value added resellers can help Cisco win market share in the highly competitive small business computer networking sector.

Cisco Certifications Offer Career Changes for Solo Professionals
As a result, Cisco certifications are becoming more important for solo entrepreneurs who want to earn a living as a freelance technology consultant. IT professionals with Cisco Security certifications can work with medical and legal offices that need to comply with privacy laws. CCNA experts can find high-paying freelance work installing high-speed office networks. With Cisco certification training programs becoming more accessible, computer networking professionals can ride Cisco's coattails into the SMB sector.

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