Cisco networking training spotlight: CCNA certification

If you are even considering computer networking as a career option, then you are undoubtedly familiar with Cisco Systems Inc.'s products. You may also know how much weight this company carries in the networking marketplace. Your resume can gain weight in the minds of employers when you complete your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training and acquire the CCNA certification.

How Can I Earn CCNA Certification?
This one exam covers topics from both the "Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies" and the "Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices" training. Taking the CCNA certification exam without training courses around these topics can be an option for those who have considerable experience working with Cisco networking systems and devices. With a little study, the working computer networking professional could pass the CCNA certification exam.

Hedging Your Bet with CCNA Training
However, you may not have much experience in Cisco systems or you may just want to hedge your bet for the exam. In that case, CCNA training courses can be very beneficial. Topics you might study include:
  • Components of knowing how to plan and design a Cisco network
    • Use Cisco devices to create a simple LAN
    • Determine user's needs to help select appropriate IP addressing schemes, routing protocol, access lists, and WAN services
  • Competently bring your plans to life
    • Including configuring routing protocols, subnet masks, gateway addresses, and IP addresses
    • Set up routers and switches to meet the administrative needs of the end user
    • Test and implement your solution
  • Be able to minimize and manage problems once the network is functional
    • Be familiar with the OSI model and implement it in your troubleshooting
  • Be familiar with the various technologies you will be using including naming and describing types of devices, networks, and components
The CCNA exam can be a challenging test. Boost your confidence and your chances at success with CCNA training courses to prepare for the certification exam.

Cisco Systems Inc. "Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam"
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