CCNA certification: The first rung of the ladder

CCNAs are typically well paid and highly sought after among IT professionals today. CISCO's world renown as a leader in networking technologies ensures that those with CCNA training and certification get noticed.

What is CCNA Training and Certification?

CCNA or CISCO certified network associate training and certification is a vendor-based credential that recognizes proficiency with CISCO products. To rise to the CCNA level, you are expected to be familiar with many types of network protocols. Among them are IP, Serial, IP RIP, Ethernet, VLANS, and Frame relay. The concept of vendor-based certification was introduced to give individuals experience with certain products through hands-on experience. While that is still true, many people choose to pursue CCNA training and certification as a highly recognized form of education. Therefore, whether you have abundant experience working with CISCO LANs, WANs, and small networks or none at all, CCNA training and certification could be your path into networking.

What Does CCNA Training Involve?

CCNA training can be undertaken by those with basic computer skills. These include being able to navigate in the Windows environment, use the Internet, handle email, and use office software such as MSWord and Excel. Your CCNA training will also give you a good grounding in network terminology, concepts, and components. You will apply this knowledge by putting together a simple network and Ethernet network using the components you studied.

Once you get on the road to CCNA success through your training and certification, it will be hard to hold you back. Fortunately, there are 2 more levels of training you can pursue. These are called the CCNP or CISCO Certified Network Professional, and the CCIE or CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert. Isn't it comforting to know you have room to grow with your CCNA training and certification?

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