Strong tech jobs for the next ten years

A new government study of the economy holds good news for graduates of technical schools and computer training programs. While the overall job market is expected to rise by 11% over the next decade, many tech jobs offer three or more times the number of potential new jobs during the same period. These three tech jobs hold some of the biggest opportunities for professionals who prepare themselves with technical school training

Technical Consulting
With computers now necessary in almost every industry, one of the fastest growing tech jobs involves helping other professionals discover the right hardware and software for their needs. Experts predict the number of tech jobs for digital media consultants to grow by 78% over the next decade, one of the highest jumps in the most recent study.

Digital Media Production
According to the latest government projections, the digital media production field should grow by 44% in the next ten years. Many of these tech jobs are developing at Web startups, at marketing agencies, and even in living rooms. Technical school training in digital media production helps serious storytellers learn to separate their content from the typical YouTube filler.

Telecom Security and Maintenance
Online and wireless phone calls now make up the majority of telephone transmissions in the United States. Because the number of potential transmission sites is shrinking, wireless carriers have been forced to shorten the cycles for installing powerful new technology. Therefore, government analysts predict that the number of tech jobs for experienced telecom maintenance professionals will grow by 41% of the next decade.

Information Technology
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