Banks seek database and security computer certification from job candidates

Now that banks rely on sophisticated online tools to attract more customers, information technology management teams expect a different focus from potential new hires. Database and computer security certifications can lead to better offers and more competitive raises from financial sector employers.

Ideal Computer Certifications for Financial Database Professionals
Traditional mainframes at large banks often failed to support transactions by more than a few tellers at once. Therefore, information technology management teams at banks relied on day-old data stored at regional server farms to process online customer service requests. However, today's leaner database tools can handle far more simultaneous queries. When web development teams write tight code, they can offer banks the ability to provide a higher level of service through real-time transaction updates. Here are ideal financial database certifications:
  • Oracle
  • SQL
  • DB2
Computer Security Professionals Focus on the Field
While web development teams at banks tackle the challenge of making data accessible, computer security specialists try to keep personal information secure. Surprisingly, the biggest threats to customer data come from stolen laptops, instead of hacked servers. As a result, information technology management teams are revisiting their computer security plans, with an emphasis on locking down stray files.

At many financial institutions, information technology management teams now rely on tools that prevent lost or stolen hardware from causing a data breach. For instance, virtualization tools like Citrix allow executives to access information remotely, without leaving data on a hard drive. Computer certifications from Cisco and other networking vendors help teams encrypt data from the road. Meanwhile, computer forensics training helps professionals reduce the potential for compromised equipment.

Popular Computer Security Certifications in Financial Specialties
  • Citrix Certified Administrator (CCE)
  • Cisco Security
  • Computer Forensics
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