Faster Adobe Photoshop Training on the Horizon

Adobe recently released Creative Suite 3, including a new version of Photoshop. Many technical schools can help students prepare for the transition, which includes new features that can speed up the workflow in many computer jobs.

Photoshop Feature: Camera Raw

At most computer jobs where Photoshop use is required, designers often bounce photo editing tasks between Photoshop and its companion tool, Lightroom. Many of Lightroom's most popular tools have been added to Photoshop's Camera Raw module. With modest technical training, users can manipulate color settings and composition without switching applications.

Photoshop Feature: Smart Filters

A key component of previous Photoshop courses involved learning to save your work before performing destructive edits or effects on your raw files. In Photoshop CS3, you can experiment more freely with a "smart filters" that allow you to test effects without altering your core files.

Photoshop Feature: Auto Align and Auto Blend

For Photoshop users who have spent days at their computer jobs painstakingly pasting together different takes of a similar shot, two new features bring relief. Photoshop CS3 seamlessly blends multiple images as layers. With only modest technical training, Photoshop users can pull together perfect composites from snapshots or photo shoots.

Updates Make Photoshop Training Easier

On their own, these updates won't require much technical training for experienced Photoshop users. Many computer jobs, especially at high-end design and communications firms, have already partnered with technical schools to make the transition to CS3 easier.

However, the innovations offered by Photoshop CS3 will make it easier for novice users to build their skills quickly. As more computer jobs require design and technical school certification, you can expect to see Photoshop CS3 more frequently on employers' lists of required skills. Therefore, Photoshop training is quickly becoming vital for many computer jobs.

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