The wide-reaching application of 3-d modeling

Whether you end up working on a rendering of a new shopping mall, a component of new graphic design software, or the next animated motion picture, a technology school education in 3-D modeling can go a long way.

Careers that Depend on 3-D Modeling

Thanks to the advent of new computer software technologies, 3-D modeling is taking the world by storm. The art of 3-D modeling is used in a wide variety of industries, including:
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Armed Services
  • Entertainment
  • Apparel and Merchandising
  • Software, Electronics, and Video Game Design

3-D Modeling in Entertainment and Beyond

There are computer jobs at many companies dedicated exclusively to 3-D modeling. Many consultancies offer 3-D rendering services for design and manufacturing companies. Consultants can design models of buildings, vehicles, products, and more. A 3-D modeling professional often digitizes "real-world objects" that need to be transcribed into 3-D forms for the purpose of research or presentations.

Many 3-D modeling computer jobs came be found in the entertainment industry, including TV and movie studios. The entertainment industry has one of the fastest growing demands for 3-D modeling jobs right now, as over half of all feature films and animation features use some sort of 3-D modeling software to create visual effects.

3-D Modeling Education

Getting 3-D modeling training can position you to be competitive for the range of jobs coming available. Jobs in 3-D modeling may require course training, a 2-year degree, or a 4-year degree. With the right education, you can help bring a flat picture to 3-D life.

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